*Interface subject to change prior to release.

The character section takes up 1/3 of the screen to display particular character information. This is your standard character sheet with all the details laid out in an easy to follow layout. 

Characters are free to add anything from the library with the use of the “add to character option” available on relevant library tabs.

Once an item/skill/spell is added to your character you are free to make modifications to those items to personalize the to your character. Changes made at the character level will not effect the library items so be as creative as you like.

Race and class specific information will be added and adjusted at the creation of your character by invoking the game mechanics engine. Currently supporting 3.5. The engine can be turned on and off as the character sees fit. If you are more of a manual calculation type you can turn the game mechanics engine off and use the character section as strictly a data source. 

Unlock all the potential in customizing your character at will.