What is this all about?
In short, it’s an application tool for Dungeons and Dragons Players, Content creators, and Dungeon Masters.

The more complicated answer is its content creation without restriction. The application works by opening, editing, adding and creating content with 3 main design sources.

The Mechanics Engine

The mechanics Engine is where you store your classes, races, stat and bonus information, Spells per day and Known spells, Languages, Sizes and Racial traits.
For the Initial release this will not be editable. An interface allowing you to customize it will not be far behind. The initial release will only have 3.5 mechanics.

The Content Library

This is the heart of the application. It stores all of your armor and shields, weapons, equipment, feats, magic items, monsters, skills, spells. player initiatives , and “word like” note section. Work with a predesigned library of items, edit them save them or create an entirely new library as you see fit. Save the library and share it with your friends or groups.


The culmination of the Mechanics Engine and Content Library. This is a character sheet mimic based on Dungeons and Dragons. You can port your content directly from any open library with the click of a button. Move all your homebrew items you created or the preset OGL content directly to your character and edit them free from the library. Characters can be created using the Mechanics engine or choose an unmanaged character free from the constraints of the mechanics engine.